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Alcatel-Lucent Foundation's Digital Transformation Empowers Global Employee Volunteering

ChiliFactor thrives on innovation and impact. The success story of the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation is a testament to our dedication to meaningful digital transformation

The Challenge:
The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation sought to revolutionize its global employee volunteering system, which had grown to serve over 15,000 employees worldwide. They needed a seamless solution to connect the system to the company's intranet, allowing employees to log their volunteering hours and visualize their impact in a gamified environment. The aim was not only to aid underprivileged communities but also to quantify the global reach of the company's CSR initiatives.


The Solution:
Chili Factor took on the challenge and delivered a comprehensive digital transformation solution for the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation:

1. Integration with Company Intranet:
We seamlessly integrated the volunteering system with the company's intranet, creating a user-friendly platform accessible to all employees.


2. Gamification for Engagement:
We introduced gamification elements, making volunteering not just a responsibility but a rewarding and engaging experience. Employees could now track their volunteering hours and see their collective impact.


3. Global Impact Mapping:
The system allowed the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation to track the impact of their CSR initiatives on a global scale. It provided essential data for measuring the reach of their programs and the communities they touched.

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The Result:

The digital transformation had a profound impact:

15,000+ employees could now easily log their volunteering hours and engage with their impact.
Gamification increased employee participation, making volunteering a fun and motivating experience.
The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation gained the ability to track the global reach of their CSR initiatives, making a more significant impact on underprivileged communities worldwide..


The Alcatel-Lucent Foundation's success story is a shining example of ChiliFactor's commitment to meaningful digital transformation. We are dedicated to helping organizations leverage technology for a more significant positive impact. If you're looking to transform your digital initiatives, trust ChiliFactor to make it happen.


Digital Transformation, Real Impact.

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