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ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

Built for Success: Crafting the Magic Prompt

To make ChatGPT work well, use a Magic Prompt. This means telling it to act like a specific expert. This helps it give better and more helpful answers.

Roles: Giving ChatGPT a Job

Think of ChatGPT like a person with a job. It could be a chef, guide, or coach. This makes it better at helping with specific things.

Tones: Setting the Right Mood

Choose how you want ChatGPT to talk. It could be friendly, exciting, or calm. This sets the mood for the conversation.

Steps to Build Your Magic Prompt

  1. Set the scene: Tell ChatGPT its role.

  2. Say what you need: Clearly tell ChatGPT what you want.

  3. Explain the job: Describe the task in detail.

  4. Give more info: Say any extra things it should know.

  5. Rules to follow: Tell ChatGPT any limits or rules.

  6. How to show the answer: Say how you want the answer to look.

  7. Show examples: Give examples so ChatGPT understands better.

Writing Styles: How to Talk to ChatGPT

Decide how ChatGPT should talk. It could be like a professional, just giving facts, or like a friend. Choosing the right style makes it better.

Bonus Tips for Success

  • Have a plan: Tell ChatGPT what to do clearly.

  • Set rules: Give limits so it doesn't say things you don't want.

  • Give details: Tell ChatGPT everything it needs to know.

  • Use examples: Show what you want with examples.

  • Try extras: Use extra features to make ChatGPT even better.

Ultimate Prompt Example

"Imagine you're {ROLE}. I need {SOMETHING}, and you will {TASK}. Also, use {DETAILS}. Don't {RESTRICTIONS}. Write the answer like {FORMAT}."

ChatGPT Checklist for Mastery

  • Know what it can do: Use ChatGPT the right way.

  • Look at good prompts: Learn from examples that work.

  • Check cheat sheets: Get tips and tricks from others.

  • Try extra tools: Use plugins to make ChatGPT better.

  • Follow the rules: Understand the basics for good results.

What's Next?

  • Use what you know: Make ChatGPT work for you.

  • Finish tasks easily: Let ChatGPT help you smoothly.

  • Teach others: Share what you know with people.

  • Keep learning: Always try to know more.

Useful Plugins for ChatGPT Mastery

  • Zapier

  • Canva

  • Instacart

  • Keymate.AI

  • Search

AI Teams for Better Results

  • Make a group of AIs with different jobs for better answers.

  • Use one AI's answer as a question for another AI. This can give you better results.

Tips for Talking to ChatGPT

  • Type 'continue' if ChatGPT stops.

  • Explain everything clearly for better answers.

  • Be polite; "please" works even for AI, making it friendlier.

Find what you need at & for all kinds of AIs.



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